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Silent Close for Ducato Campervans

The retrofittable closing aid for sliding doors of cabinet motorhomes

tegos box van door pulling aid

Finally quiet - never again loud door slamming, thanks to the clever premium retrofit closing aid for Fiat Ducato Camper (from model year 2008). Made in Germany - and, of course, by door specialist tegos.

Silent, please - that's what many RV owners will think when the adjacent campervan with a sliding door becomes an interim neighbour on the pitch. Door opens. Door closes. With a lot of verve and even more noise. But things are different when the RV has a closing aid on board, ensuring gentle closing of the portal and thus brings pleasant peace and silence. The annoying interim neighbours become happy parking space friends.

1,000 times proven in practice and whisper-quiet - finally avaible as retrofit for end customers

The premium closing aid, the original from the development cooperation with Invetic, has already proven its function and reliability in practice for many years and 1,000 times - in the vehicles of the market leader for camping buses. The high-quality system can now be installed in all models based on Fiat Ducato from 2008 onwards (with only a few exceptions). Important: The original rubber seals, lock components and keys of the sliding door are retained, thus also the Fiat factory warranty! This is how it works: the sliding door only needs to be leaned slightly, the electro-mechanical locking system from tegos then pulls everything whisper-quietly for the last few centimetres and fixes the door absolutely tight and secure in its final position - of course with anti-trap protection. The door is still opened manually. Smart, effective and immediately retrofittable.

Top quality and installation service - starting from 1.190 EUR

As always with tegos: It's Quality made in Germany. Consultation and installation are performed by our own tegos service partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and of course in our headquarters at Lake Constance. Retrofittable peace of mind - starting from 1.190 EUR. Curious and/or noise-sensitive? Let us help you!

tegos sliding door pulling assistance Fiat Ducato

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