Flap modules

Manual standard flaps and electromotive premium flaps for Motorhomes and Caravans

Openings for Recreational vehicles are demanding a great deal of flexibility. Various functions and sizes - storage flaps, gas box opening or maintenance hatch - tegos modules just fit and lock in optimally. Each and every sophisticted flap is taylor made, produced individually for your vehicle, and then custom assembled. The tegos premium flaps will convince you due to their Made-In-Germany quality.

Nothing's clattering, the solutions are water-proof. Adding the central locking feature will bring an end to notchy lock-fumbling with microscopic keys and is a real convenience plus. But tegos does not only replace leaky, clattering, inconvenient and damaged flaps - they can also add new flap openings where there were none before.

The magic word is: Gaining new storage space.*. Almost everything is possible as far as the individual installation situation allows. From small to large, from simple to sophisticated. One more important advantage for tegos flaps: although custom made, delivery completion is usually within 30 days, usually earlier. Perfect assembly included, of course. Contact the tegos factory or one of our service partners nationwide.

Manual retrofit flaps for motorhomes and caravans

  • Alusheet-covered composite module
  • Latches OE determined
  • Dimensionally flexible in height and width*
  • Solid mechanical single-point-locking
  • Lockings tegos or OEM
  • Waterproofed by tegos' own double sealing
  • Low distortion by optimal pre-tension
  • RMoulding with flexible balancing
  • Various functions possible: Gas box flap, service openings, storage flaps, garage hatches and doors

Additional features

  • Integrated windows
  • Bug protection system

e.g. with rear hatches or storage flaps for dog transportation

Electromechanic premium flaps for motorhomes, caravans and sophisticated RVs

  • RV door
  • RV door
  • RV door
  • RV door
  • Alusheet-covered composite module
  • Latches OE determined
  • Dimensionally flexible in height and width*
  • Moulding with flexible balancing
  • Solid double lockings
  • Locking technology by tegos, or - if applicable - by customer vehicle
  • Waterproofed by tegos' own double sealing
  • Dissolution of twisting problems
  • Manual release in case of power breakdown

Additional features

  • Keyless access with wireless remote, Piezo touch sensors or blutooth app
  • Eletromotive pulling assistance
  • Central locking for all doors and flaps
  • Connected to the vehicle's central locking system
  • Single handed operation possible, special solid handle outside

*Optional enlargement of flap-cutout; flap width and height depending on vehicle's individual assembly situation and furniture/interior design

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