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Bug protection

Sophisticated fly screen solutions for mobile homes, caravans and RVs

Flexible and solid fly screens as an integrated element of access solutions for motorhomes and caravans are a must. Relaxing and unburdened journeys to Scandinavia or South Europe, international trips to remote areas, but also camping in proximate locations are almost unthinkable without proper but protection in yout mobile home.

Integrated bug protection systems are standard features in most tegos doors or are at least optionally* available. As and accessory module, the fly screens for door modules, windows and - optionally - even for flaps*, e.g. as a part of a storage solution for dog owners, can be customized according to your personal demands, and fitting your individual vehicle.

Fully functional fly fences and bug protection for doors of motorhomes and caravans

  • Tailored as a practical plissé-solution
  • Flexible width and height*
  • Top quality materials and design
  • Custom assembled, adjusted and mounted for your individual vehicle
  • Very durable, also under heavy use
  • Different types and models
  • Easy handling
  • Convenient access

REMIS bug protection and fly screens for sliding doors of RVs based on vans.

The practical Camper Vans are booming. This type of vehicle is no longer just that cheap ecenomy-entry for beginners. You can find vans of all types and for all demands and flavours.

From the simple camping bus to that stylish business model and finally to that fully-fledged camper for the whole family... you'll find pretty everything.

In cooperation with REMIS, very well known to expert travellers as a well-respected manufacturer for cab darkening systems, tegos offers retrofittable premium bug protection doors for many camper van models*. Professional assembly included, of course. All bug protection systems for van sliding doors are custom solutions. Mounting and assembly are performed by all tegos service partners or in the tegos workshop at Lake Constance.

  • Wohmobil Tür
  • Wohmobil Tür
  • Wohmobil Tür
  • Tailored as a practical plissé-solution
  • Only premium materials and top notch finish in REMIS OEM quality
  • Custom tailored construction, assembly and installation
  • Very durable, also under heavy use
  • Different types and models
  • Many types of vehicles: Fiat Ducato (incl. identical Citroen and Peugeot), Ford Transit, VW T5 and Mercedes Sprinter
  • Easy handling
  • Convenient access

** The options for a custom fitting and assembly depends on the vehicle's individual assembly situation and the interior design of the furniture. Due to the various types of models with their different interior designs (partly up to the opening of the sliding door), photos of the assembly area are a reasonable idea to begin consultations with.

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