Your product benefits

Premium retrofit and replacement modules for motorhomes and RVs, independent of manufacturer, brand and year of manufacture

Keyless entry:
Locking functions on passenger car level

  • Keyless
  • Keyless
  • Keyless
  • Keyless
  • Keyless

Today, almost each car, even small ones, are using radio controlled central locking systems. This is quite comfortable and useful. You own a premium motorhome. Why should you waive this kind of convenience?

  • Keyless entry with fingerprint sensor and remote control.
  • All doors and openings integrated in a central locking system (when using a tegos Premium-door incl. e-Package; integration of existing doors dependent of OE-system and specific installation conditions).
  • Cutting edge technology: Operating via mobile app possible (available for Android smartphones and tablets)
  • Maximum safety through double locking (2 separate latches)
  • Top convenience through electromotive pulling system

Even brand new RV models do not yet make use of latest "state-of-the art" locking systems. Our tegos motto: "hands free entry" – no small keys, no openings left unlocked. Easy entry, even with "full hands". Lock and unlock doors and openings via push button, touch sensor or mobile app. Easy as that.

Electromotive pulling:
Simplicity and Silence

You know this? Nightly silence on the campground. Everybody sleeping. All of a sudden, you wake up from the noise of a "typical RV door", being "smashed" into its latch. Embarrassing, isn't it? Our tegos retrofit door, equipped with electromotive pulling function, is way smarter. And, most of all, less noisy.

  • Automatic pulling function, no efforts needed.
  • Door opening is extra-eased when slightly operating the door pull
  • Noiseless by day and night
  • Optimum tightness and safety through electromechanical locking

Here's a video summary of all benefits of the premium doors, flaps, locking systems and bug protection systems. You will fall in love with the advantages of the electrical locking system - including central locking - the ease to use and the feeling of safety on your journeys. Promised.

tegos doors can be shut smoothly, conveniently and silently. No matter whether you have your hands full or your neighbors are quite sensitive: Just "easily lean on" to your door, everything else will be operated automatically. Doors shut, tight and safe.

Supplementary door windows:
More light and brightness in your interior

  • Friendly
  • Friendly
  • Friendly

"There is room in even the smallest cabin" (German saying). But, is there also enough light to feel comfortable? The additional windows in your tegos retrofit doors will "let the sun shine in" your mobile home. Room will appear even larger then.

  • Unbreakable glazing shades made of plastics
  • Max. window size (up to 900 mm height for single glass or two glasses) over almost full door height
  • Significant gain of brightness, comfort and safety
  • Only available as part of a new tegos door. Retrofitting windows with existing doors unfortunately is not possible.
  • Upgrade to packaged "bug protection- and curtain"-system is available for RVs with built-in retrofit windows.

Our retrofit doors are as flexible as your mobile life. Whether one window or two, whether with integrated fly screen or without, whether including comfort locking or conventional. We make your wishes come true. And: Please do not forget safety aspects. It´s always good to know, who is actually knocking on your door.

Perfect matching:
Optimum shield against coldness, rain and wind

  • Friendly
  • Friendly
  • Friendly
  • Friendly

Quality Made in Germany! Design and manufacturing is performed exclusively in the tegos workshop in Ostrach. Retrofitting services and installation available only in our factory at Lake Constance or at selected tegos service partners throughout Germany.

Each door and each opening will be unique, perfectly fitted to your "Camper". You can trust us.

  • Customized modules, perfectly matched to existing side bodies
  • Premium quality and performance through experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment
  • On-site assembly service with perfect finish
  • Extraordinary tightness by electromotive pulling function

You are certainly well aware: Rattling doors, wind whistling through the sealings and moisture sneaking inside. Your decision, to change your standard doors against tegos retrofit doors, will solve all such kind of issues. Feel comfortable and safe. Value rentention included.

Modern locking systems:
High level of safety against unpleasant surprises

  • Protected
  • Protected
  • Protected
  • Protected

A "horror scenario" for every camper: Coming back from the beach or restaurant and your motorhome had been "cracked". Nasty people without any conscience. Holiday funds gone as well as the flatscreen. Not even mentioning trouble and fear.

  • Significantly higher level of safety thanks to resistible double-locking-mechanism
  • Supplementary latch optional (triple-locking)
  • Keyless entry avoiding simple latches
  • Electromotive pulling function will hold door shut safely
  • Recognize "un-invited visitors" in time by additional door windows

Regular standard latches in RVs, even in premium-class, are easy to crack. Even "un-skilled" will need to play an "easy game" only. tegos entry systems provide a much higher level of "anti-theft-safety". Protect yourself and your mobile home against bitter surprises. You rather enjoy a good time.

Bug protection and darkening:
Enjoy your mobile life - undisturbed

  • Undisturbed
  • Undisturbed

These buzzing, crawling, flying, whirring and bloodsucking nettlers can easily spoil your most beautiful recreation time and high spirits. Without a proper bug protection in your camper, caravan or recreational vehicle, the relaxing trip in your mobile home very quickly becomes a test of nerves.

  • Premium bug protection systems for retrofit doors of recreational vehicles and caravans
  • New: Sliding bugscreen doors for caravans and vans
  • Combinations of bug screens and darkening systems for windows of mobile homes
  • Custom manufacturing and assembly
  • Premium quality: durable materials ready for intensive use

The traditional definition of "bug screen" does no justice to the modern tegos Premium Bug Protection Systems. That's because the accurately fitting manufacturing and assembly, the high quality and availability for almost every mobile home, caravan and recreational vehicle make the tegos retrofit modules your ideal companion for an untroubled leisure time on the road. In every season, all around the world.

Innovative „Silent“-option:
Effectively minimizing closing sounds

tegos customers have already left those embarrassing loud closing sounds - along with annoyed camp site neighbours - behind... thanks to their premium retrofit doors, including electromotive closing and pulling assistance. Now in addition to that, fulfilling the extra-sophisticated demands for closing comforts and noise emission, we have developed the „Silent“-option. Because a retrofit door is always a highly resonant cavity and sounding body, amplifying and emitting especially high-frequency sounds that can be enourmously unpleasant for the human hearing. Those sounds are unavoidable though inside a heavy locking system that works with electric motors - especially when it comes to large and wide comfort doors.

  • Tightly focussed reduction of air and body sound, minimizing especially high-frequency locking sounds of the automotive pulling
  • Innovative materials, e.g. acoustic-sealing, special interior plates, high-quality foams and very light damping film
  • Methods and first-class products from the hi-fi speaker industry and automobile industry
  • Optionally available for all new tegos retrofit doors with electromechanical locking system

We've had ourselves inspired by the construction methods of high-quality hi-fi speakers and the noise level achievements of the premium automobile industry. By tightly focussing on the target of noise reductions and the application of innovative materials, we were able to reduce the door's closing sound to a minimum. Just audible enough to give the user an acoustic feedback, assuring him the door is closed tightly and safely. The „Silent“-option can be added while configuring your personal tegos door with electromechanical locking system. A retroactive assembly is not possible though. Hence our advise: Especially for those extra-large doors or optional window modules, the „Silent“-option grants you an even better doorlocking comfort that benefits you, your fellow passengers and of course your site neighbours.

Barrier free access:
Wider door sections and "ground level entry"

  • Barrier free
  • Barrier free
  • Barrier free
  • Barrier free

Frankly speaking: Intensive use of our Motorhomes and Caravans will become real fun only once we have reached an age, where time and money do no longer play a major role. Enjoying "small space" means, to react to the necessities of a more mature age.

  • Convenient access and exit through wider door section (dependent on individual superstructure and interior)
  • Various solutions for a most optimal barrier free entry
  • Designed for disability and wheel chair accessibility

Even if "barrier free" is not an issue yet: tegos wide doors are simply useful and convenient. Loading and unloading your RV, a wide door section makes your life way easier. And if you travel with pets, your dog will appreciate "easy entry" as well as you.

Flexible and fitting your demands:
tegos premium retrofit modules

  • Flexible
  • Flexible

Annoyed because your boot lid is too small? Missing additional loading space? Door outcut could be larger, you think? Bugs, draught and humidity have easier access to your mobile home than yourself? Tired of fumbling around with all those keys and notchy door locks? tegos replacement and retrofit modules make almost anything possible - only the constructional situation of your vehicle is the limit.

  • Replacing existing retrofit doors by a tight and fitting premium module, fitting the scale, or even handicapped accessible
  • Retrofitting flap doors where there are none - but there should be
  • Replacing clattering, undersized or leaky flaps by a premium module
  • Convenient locking systems with scalable functional range, meeting your requirements and demands
  • Retrofitting premium flyscreens, durable and custom-fit

A tegos door with enlarged access outcut, the secure and convenient electrical locking systems and also the integrated flyscreens all add to the value of your vehicle.

Along with tegos retrofit flaps, creating new storage space or replacing existing modules, tegos premium products enhance the quality of mobile your life.

Modern times:
Controlling, operating and monitoring via smartphone app

  • Cutting edge
  • Cutting edge

Handling all doors and flaps of mobile homes and caravans, just by using a handy smartphone app, sounds very much like science fiction at first glance. And some may say that's just newfangled kid's stuff. But you mobile people and we at tegos have arrived in the future since long.

At this stage, we're using locking solutions at edge-cutting premium level.

  • Available for all tegos premium doors and flaps with central locking and keyless access
  • The smartphone application is easy to install and easy to use
  • Graphical user interface
  • Available for all android smartphones and tablets
  • Control single doors and flaps
  • Trigger programmable module groups (e.g. only door and boot lid, all supply flaps etc.)
  • Monitor status codes ("open", "locked", "manipulated") wherever you are
  • Options to connect and control additional functionality (e.g. existing alarm device, step tread, outside lighting, advanced follow-home-function)

Operating the modern tegos app is not only a valuable convenience surplus for you, but is also improving intrusion safety in the first place. Never again forget to close a door or flap, never again feel bad when leaving your vehicle alone. Just relax and check your app with a tip of your finger. Brilliant. Easy. Welcome to the world of tomorrow.

Retrofittable convenience and safeness:
Benefit and value for your mobile home

  • Retrofittable
  • Retrofittable
  • Retrofittable
  • Retrofittable
  • Retrofittable
  • Retrofittable
  • Retrofittable
  • Retrofittable
  • Retrofittable

Be it recreational vehicle or caravan, regardless of which brand or type, no matter if new or gotten around, or even a family's companion since very long: tegos doors, flaps, bug protection and locking systems can be retrofit in almost all travelling vehicles and, most certainly, also in your very own mobile home.

  • Works for recreation vehicles of all brands, types and ages
  • Individual customisation of any vehicle, according to the customer's requirements and demands - every tegos module is unique
  • Customer-focused configuration packages and options
  • Fully scalable and expandable
  • Integration into existing systems is in most cases possible

Prospects are manifold and fully aligned to your requirements, depending on your personal demands. It's your mobile life. Retrofittable modules by tegos make sense in all those cases where convenience, safety, quality and conservation of value are of capital importance.

tegos service partners:
affiliate network and locations in Germany

Proximity to our customers has always been our objective. We're sure that anyone who's ever had an appointment in the tegos factory here at lake constance would gladly confirm. But now we're going even one step further. One step further towards our customers, to be more exact. And yes, we mean it literally and in terms of area. For, after a long process of selecting and training, we are now supported by a nationwide network of professional service partners. They all offer customer consulting as well as retrofitting and replacing services, and improving your vehicle. For your benefit, tegos expertise is now available in your local area.

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