Multimobil Fahrzeugbau
in A-4451 Garsten / Oberösterreich

"Vehicle construction at its best": fascinating one-of-a-kinds are made here at Multimobil in Austria. The team around Rainer Bernard makes everything possible: Recreational vehicles, caravan trailers, horse transporters, racing transporters or van extension. Visit their homepage, it's definitely worth it. Due to their sophisticated craftsmanship, Multimobil is of course Austria's No.1 resource for tegos Premium Doors, Locking Systems and individual custom solutions.

But Multimobil is not only a vehicle manufacture, it's also a garage for repair works, retrofitting, maintenance of RVs and booth installations. Possibilities also include technical updates, like chassis components, satellite installation or e.g. tow bars.



Multimobil Fahrzeugbau, Rainer Bernard
A-4451 Garsten / Oberösterreich

0043 7252 51645


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